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Hi! I’m Lunaravenue, but you can call me Luna. Welcome to my blog, Fantage Celestial. I work with you and everyone else ever to do fun stuff. No, I’m afraid I don’t do Fantage related things anymore! But, the pages about Fantage are still here! Feel free to check out the Q&A page if you are still confused!

So, what do I talk about then? Anything and everything from shows to current events. It’s like having a conversation with a brain. You can never predict what’s going to come. Unless you do. Oh well. I still hope you enjoy the blog!


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It’s Been A While!

Sorry I haven’t talked to you guys in a while, but let’s be honest you sort of got used to it XP. Anyway, I’m actually here for a reason! If you guys know, I switched from Fantage to Animal Jam a while ago. By now, I have 100% given up on both. No you can’t have my account I gave it to Sim to care for.

If you watch the popular AJ YouTuber LilacPetalAJ, you may have noticed that she posted a video about child predators on AJ. When I watched both (as in Lilac’s video and the official CH 8 News video) I was actually laughing a bit. I’m mainly going to be discussing the official video because in all honesty I didn’t even realize those YouTubers were even on the news and I doubt a mass did if they didn’t see that video due to the lack of: clarity, voice, name recognition, etc. etc.

If you’ve been in the social group of ANY child game with MMORPG from Fantage to Animal Jam to Club Penguin and more, you’ll know that this happens 24/7 and it cannot ever ever EVER be stopped because why?

8-13 yr old’s that’s why! (Yeah yeah yeah you’re not twelve you’re a teenager who isn’t afraid to be on a kid’s game yadda yadda but that’s the main target demographic) That age group is what I like to call “Hey I’m cool like real teenagers!” When in actuality it’s just gross.

You know, that phase in life where everyone is making adult jokes and jabs. A utopia of “your mom!” and “gayyyyyy” and “that’s what she said!”.

Anyway, back to the point. I saw in the comments of Lilca’s video that a lot of people think she should SUE or take legal action against the news for the lack of crediting. I find this a bit funny for the following reasons:

  • According to NewsLab.org, a copyright infringement is needed. To do that, one would have had to actual register for an actual copyright at some government place or something.
  • Since the video was on YouTube, the news should have been able to use it. First off because there was no audio, there was no claim that stated the video could not be used for the purpose of the news, and the content wasn’t a person, it was of Animal Jam which is a public domain.
  • You really think a child making videos about Animal Jam is going to take legal action against a corporate news station about half a video with no audio and direct focus on the video, no official copyright besides it just being on YouTube, and with footage not of anything in real life, but of basically a series of screenshots?

But I don’t know I just thought this was funny and wanted to rant about it. Your opinions?


The Selection Anyone?

Hi guys! I’m back in the swing, and ready to talk about BOOKS! I love Summer reading, even if it is assigned sometimes. What I deeply am concerned about is a series I had read called The Selection Series. I looked up book ratings, and I was very surprised at how high the ratings were! I myself quite enjoyed the book. It had all your book essentials!

Did I do a good job trolling? Sorry about that!

Ya got me all wrong. Sure the book was enjoyable…as a comedy really. I basically cannot stand this series. I wrote up a review on Goodreads. You can take a canter and read it here too:


Sigh. Where do I start?

When I first finished this series, I thought “This is way cooler and better than I expected!”. Then, after much thought, I realized “this is pretty terrible!”. I mean, I only came to this conclusion after I realized that I didn’t want to be caught making a photoset for this on Tumblr. That was how bad liking this felt. It’s not that I’m embarrassed to like it, it’s the fact that I DON’T like it and honestly can pinpoint where and why.

First of all, I realized just how bad the world-building is. Dystopian America? Okay, but why is future America sounding more like the 1600s to me than FUUUTURE?

And castes? Really? That was the best Dystopian thing you could think of? I had the hardest time thinking that one person can just go all Hitler on everyone and turn America, oh so proud for it’s ideas on freedom and awesomeness America, into…castes? And there’s this stupid-a** law on virginity? It literally would have made much more sense if this was set in INDIA because it sounds A LOT like INDIA! (I’m no history pro, but I’m pretty sure they were the ones famed for castes, not being able to move up castes, and stuff like that, sorry if I’m incorrect). And the whole excuse on why America was renamed? Just…just no. I’m most certain than Americans would never let themselves sink this…this low on government. I know Cass was trying to make the government corrupt and “BLAH! EVIL IN YOUR FACE!”, but..it’s just not realistic to get into! I would have zero, ZERO problem with the world-building, if it was not for the fact that it’s supposed to be Futuristic Dystopian America.

The world-building got so bad to the point that I forgot that we were even IN America half the time! It sounded much more like some far off place. In The Hunger Games, it made sense since the past was kept vague, but Panem was SO FAR OFF into the future that it seemed like the world was totally destroyed and a revert had to happen. Here, the Chinese invaded somehow and just BOOM automatic reversal. Okay, enough ranting about the world, you all get my point. It’s a dystopian place that sounds nothing close to America or the future.

My second point is the last few pages of the book. That sudden murder fest was just…so pointless… I mean, I know people had to die, but come on. At least let the characters go with some sense of dignity. Getting killed off with a “BANG!”. More detail and description instead of “They died. We were sorta sad. We moved on.”. It was too factual and barely containing emotion at all. I mean, this scene was just so rushed, that even characters from the Hunger Games would go “woah, holy sh- slow down crazy!”. And Celeste’s end was the worst way to kill her off. I mean, it went like “she died. America remembered her briefly at her wedding.” The end. Was she even worth killing off? I felt that so much character development could have happened, even continuing on to The Heir. I always imagined Celeste as America’s daughter’s cool aunt or something.

And oh my gosh, the explanation of the head maid? “She disappeared and we never saw her again”. WOW. Cass’ methods of ridding characters is just so..bad. I’m sorry, but there’s no after effect. No one really mourning them. No one crying over them. Even Maxon didn’t react much to BOTH his parents dying. He just went “Yeah, that’s a bummer” and moved on to his girl. SUCH a respectful son.

Third, the part with Maxon and America and Aspen, ugh it TIRED me out so much! You just knew America was going to end up with Maxon from day 1, yet this love triangle just keeps getting shoved down your throat relentlessly. I wanted to learn more about the other Selected/Elite and the maids! They all get sidelined. And really America? You literally decided on Maxon yet you STILL have the nerve to act all flirty around Aspen? What a JOKE this character and her problems are. This is why I didn’t feel a twinge of pity when Maxon suddenly turned on her. At least the other choice he had, you know the Northern Rebel, ACTUALLY LOVED HIM AND DIDN’T PUT THE MOVES ON SOMEONE ELSE!!

Lastly, what the hell was up with the Northern Rebellion? At the end, it’s revealed that all these people were involved in it, but for what reason? They were simply left as facts for America to point out and to make the characters seem more significant, which didn’t really work.

I need to stop, or this will never end. Honestly, my final verdict is that this is still entertaining..but not as a Dystopain America Book Series. Not as good as The Hunger Games Series, or even the Divergent series (with it’s bad ending). It’s not fit to be a book. The entire time, from the moment I started reading this series, all I could see this as was a reality television show.

It was just some weird mixture of America’s Next Top Model+The Bachelor=The Selection. (Girls Looking Pretty With Drama+Girls Competing For A Man With Drama=The Selection) Add some Hunger Games rebellion BS that isn’t really clearly explained all that well and BOOM! Instant Selection!

Alright read, but too many problems to even think about reading again.

“As for lack of consistency: Maxon, for example, is described as being not very good with girls (“I don’t meet very many women,” he says at one point). . . and yet he goes around calling everyone ‘my dear’ (ewww sleazy, by the way?) like a dedicated Regency rake. It would be one thing if this was described as being awkward, but instead the women all seem to really like it–so he’s inexperienced, yet smooth with the ladies? WTF?

Maxon is in general the least sexy ‘hero’ I’ve ever read. First off, he’s a shitty prince. Even America studied the names/faces of the other Selected, but Maxon asks to be “[forgiven] if [he’s] slow with names; there are quite a few [girls].” You’re a PRINCE, Maxon. Learning people’s names and remembering them is a PART OF YOUR JOB, especially because you have access to that information. Sit your ass down. Memorize their names and faces.

He’s also completely ignorant of what’s going on in his country until America tells him (and then he becomes an overnight communist because of her. Not that there’s anything wrong with communists per se, but I’m still amused). I get that as the prince he was maybe really sheltered from the realities of the caste system, but it’s still really unsexy that he hasn’t even tried to find out before. It demonstrates a complete lack of curiosity, empathy, and imagination.

As a love interest, Maxon is just really creepy. He says, “You [the Selected girls] are all dear to me. It is simply a matter of discovering who shall be the dearest.” Oh, ick.

The problem isn’t that Maxon has clearly never been laid, which is fine (I love non-man-ho heroes!), the problem is he’s so awkward/sketchy that he also couldn’t get laid if his life depended on it. Actually, I wonder if he actually has all his manly parts intact, because he talks/acts/thinks like a not very bright woman.

I also really enjoyed this description of Maxon: “He just looked . . . thoughtful. It was an interesting expression on his face.” Because, you know, Maxon usually just looks dumb as a brick, so when he’s thinking, it’s totally weird.”

After all of my rage was extinguished, I came across another problem: The Heir. Boy oh boy, I hear the main lead in this one is somehow, some way, even worse than America Singer! I’m trying to get a copy to read so I can see the comedy gold for myself.

Did any of you guys read the books? What did you think about it? Based on the ratings, I’m going to assume that if you did read it, you think it’s a great book. Feel free to debate with me, but if you did read it, and liked it, please answer me this:

  • What’s so great about America Singer? She can’t make up her mind, she is not sweet, she is barely passably kind, she has no preparation whatsoever to be the next queen. Can we also point out she treats the castes below her exactly the way she said they shouldn’t be treated? Can I get a quote here?

It says she “enjoys the company of Sixes.” That is like saying “I enjoy the company of Asians” It’s like classifying them as another species! So much for ignoring the castes, huh Singer?

  • Did the love triangle work? I thought it was assumed that America’d just marry Maxon from Page 1

I think all of my rage has been beaten dead. Alrighty then! I will probably review The Heir to see if there are any improvements in writing, but in the meantime, I’m starting a new series! The Mortal Instruments! Why do I get the feeling that I’m also going to not like this despite it’s really good ratings? Oh yeah. Rumor has it that it’s supposed to be a Harry Potter knockoff. Sort of how like 50 Shades of Grey was a Twilight Fanfic knockoff. We’ll see won’t we?

See you all very soon! And sorry if I totally shattered or offended your image of The Selection Series!


Summer Stresses!

Hey guys! I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I’ve still been swamped since finals and school are (thankfully) over. I’ve been prepping for an upcoming piano recital, but now that that’s done, I’ll have much more free time to post on here. Although, I’ve been running out of ideas on what to post lately. Luckily, with the changing of the seasons, it’s time for another list!

  • Hot n Cold

I don’t understand why some stores and restaurants think it’s okay to blast their A/C on to the coldest temperatures. It could be sweltering outside, but as soon as I step into one of these stores, I feel like I need my winter jackets again. Please, if you own a store or something, keep the temperatures to moderately cold. We would like to have a temperature where it is comfortable to stay in our tank tops and short shorts TYVM.

  • Schoolwork

I don’t know if your parents do this or not, but I don’t like it when they still expect you to be studying books and math and just basically go to school in the summer. I get that we have to learn, and if you need extra help you should get something extra to keep up in the summers. But I don’t want to keep studying all summer long, and try to find volunteer opportunities, and do things that will add on to make myself look good. Once a week is enough. There’s a reason why we want a break after leaving school. We shouldn’t have to keep studying after leaving with over a 95% A+ Average right???

  • Go Out but Stay Inside

Another one about parents. Do you want us to go out and have a social life or stay in and stop having one? Every time I leave the house, it’s “Oh you’re going out AGAIN?”. Every time I stay in, it’s “Why don’t you go out more?”. Please make up your minds. It’s not that hard!

  • Finding Things

….So what is there to do in the summer again?

Sorry this was so short, but I couldn’t think of any more. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COMMENT SOME IDEAS! I COULD REALLY USE SOME SUPPORT OVER HERE 🙂  Have a lovely summer guys 🙂




Yes, it is definitely time to celebrate. What better way than to be here informing you that I will soon be coming back? Yeah, I’m still resting from aftershock (and a few bad grades XP) but I will be back in the swing full force super soon!

Maybe a party either on AJ or Fantage? Yea? Comment below ideas and suggestions!!!



Sorry for the short post, but I’ve been swamped studying for all of my finals taking all of my finals. No joke when I say I have some sort of final or test lined up for the entirety of this previous week and the next, so I apologize for the lack of activity on here. Anyway, I promise after finals, I’ll get some posts up and running as well as more activity, but for the meantime, please accept this apology and these cute consolation puppies:


Self Advertising!

Hey everyone! You may or may not know about some of my editing skills. Anyway, I’ve decided to put them to good use. After a crash course on Photoshop (Thanks Sis!) and lots of hours channeling my inner fangirl, I have created something all fangirls create one point in their life: A Tumblr Blog.

It’s a BLOG, yes, but it’s a bit more complicated that WordPress. Not that there’s anything wrong with this, if anything I wish Tumblr was as easy to customize as here, but Tumblr does appreciate the fangirliness much more. You gotta give them that.

SO YEA THIS IS SELF ADS FOR ME! CHECK OUT MY TUMBLR! Not impressed yet? Well, here’s what I do there that is different from here.

I will still post here, but mostly words and rants. Tumblr is ALL ABOUT PICS AND GIFS. Here are some samples that I made myself. Please don’t steal them. I mean, they’re published already XP.

Lunar Chronicles Cap 1

The Lunar Chronicles! My newest obsession! It’s a book series, and I would totally recommend. It’s Cinderella in space! It has a female protagonist with a disability, has racial diversity, and great humor. If that isn’t good I don’t know what is. Check it out! This is the poster I made for it!

Phoenix Feather Core

If you don’t know, Phoenix Feathers are a common wand core for wands in the Harry Potter series. Another poster I made. I also made 2 others for the 2 other common wand cores! Check them out at my blog!

Maleficent Set

Finally, if you watch Once Upon a Time the TV show, you’ll know Maleficent. She is one of the best villains the show has to offer, and one of my favs in Disney too! All hail the Mistress of All Evil! 🙂

So, if you want a link, here it is: LunaCrowded.

If you need it spelled out: http://lunacrowd.tumblr.com/

I do hope you like it! See you there! Don’t be shy to message me there either!


I don’t know about everyone else, but I’m on the brink of exam season. I’m talking: last units for the year, teachers cramming in assignments to boost grades so we don’t all look like we’re failing. Rushing all of your assignments. Assigning 2 chapters of that book tonight so we can finish it before the year ends.

All of those annoying things, and we’re all begging for June to come because when it does, it means we have over 100 days to enjoy waking up past noon, eating whatever we want, doing whatever we want. Vacations, school-banned clothes, hanging out with friends all day long.

But, for now, stress is piling as everything is coming to a close. I have 3 major tests which can determine my fate for an entire other year! Everyone else is in that ‘calm before the storm’ stage. Stocking up on food (pencils), going over house plans (information), calling your friends so they know where to find you in case the tornado sucks you up (to cry about your exams). All of that is going down, because no one wants to be left behind once the town has been evacuated.

So how to deal with all of this? Have no fear! Follow these easy steps and you won’t just survive the Zombie Exam Apocalypse, you’ll end (ace) it.

  • Make Review Sheets for yourself. If you have a hard time with a subject, make an easy review sheet for it. Look through your notebook and gather all of the important facts and data you can. Format it into one or two pieces of paper, and you’ll be ready.

  • Studying is only half the journey! You won’t know what you’re facing until you experience it. Dig up some old tests and retake them a million times. Chances are, you’ll see the exact same question on the test in a few weeks and you’ll already have memorized the answers. Don’t stop taking them until you get 100!

  • Study at your prime time. Some people learn better under stress, but others do better after a calming sip of tea. Whenever you feel most comfortable studying, that’s probably when you’ll learn the most. If you’re one of those people who can never study no matter what, the only option left is to force yourself. You may not learn much, but it’s better than nothing

I hope you found this all helpful! Go on and ace those exams! You can totally do it! I’ll see you all for the summertime! In the meanwhile, pass me that next book! Finals week starts in two weeks!